Do not give up when things get hard

"If you are going through hell, keep going" - Winston Churchill

Life is cyclical, you have to expect many ups and many downs. When you are up everything flows freely, you feel like you are flying, just going effortlessly. You have a dream, a vision, and you work hard to accomplish it, you wait patiently.

Suddenly everything (or some things) start to crumble. You might stay positive for a while but the moment comes when you start resisting what's happening, you are not going with the flow anymore. Frustration appears, anger, depression. You start thinking that this vision you have for your life is just not going to happen and you desperately want to know where you are going next. This is when you might want to give up on your dreams, thinking that it is worthless to keep going towards nothing.

But when things get difficult, when you are ready to give up, just keep going forward. Find the moments to be quiet and find the courage that is needed to jump over your fears, or even to go through them!

It is OK to feel down, even lost at times. It is OK not knowing how, if or when your dreams will come true. It is OK to see black when you think about tomorrow. It is OK. But if your dreams and intentions come from your heart, if you feel them and know that they will benefit you and everyone around you, if you are convinced that they align perfectly with who you are, then please, please, do not give up! Even if it seems like they'll never get here, stay open to receive them in ways you are not expecting. Many times what happens is that we have a fixed idea of what we want and how we want it to happen.

So just soften, allow things to be as they are in this moment, you don't have to like it right now, but try to stay open and receptive, and find gratitude for the things you do have right now. The moment doesn't have to be perfect, but you can still find beauty and love even in the most imperfect of moments.

Give yourself time to heal by staying very close to what you are feeling. Slow down, take care of yourself: journal, go for walks between trees, sit on the grass and look at the sky, the clouds, feel the wind. Allow yourself to feel everything that is happening inside of you. Find in your heart compassion, kindness and love for yourself; get quiet for a couple of minutes and just notice your breath, ask the questions and be ready and willing to receive the answers. Find the humility to receive them in any way they might come to you.