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Change your thoughts to transform your life.

"Changing the world begins with the very personal process of transforming yourself; the only place you can begin is where you are, and the only time you can begin is always now." - Gary Zukav

Do you ever notice what you are thinking? Do you notice all the thoughts that pass through your mind all day? Countless thoughts appear in our minds: about the past, the future; about our relationships and what we think or feel about people around us; about ourselves and how we project our image into the world. And every time we have a thought our mood changes accordingly, and from that one thought a cascade of thoughts descend upon us like a blanket covering our eyes. Depending on the nature of the thought our emotions will intensify or change; for example, think of someone you love, how do you feel? Probably joyous and happy; but what happens when you bring to your mind a fight you had recently with someone, or a person that has hurt you deeply? Your mood will probably change from a happy one to a sad one, you might feel annoyed or even anxious, angry.

When you realize that your thoughts control your feelings you will start to pay attention to how you feel at all times. You will start to notice triggers and so before the emotion gets out of control you will be able to decide how to react; you will be able to decide to always act from a place of loving kindness and to let go of anger and fear.

So be aware of your thoughts. Catch your emotions rising and then pay attention to what you are thinking. Change your negative thoughts for loving ones. And don't beat yourself up for having dark thoughts, instead, surround yourself with compassion and start from there.

And please remember that emotions are part of who we are, it's just energy passing through. However you might be feeling, whether is sad, angry or happy, embrace yourself with all your heart without pushing your emotions away; know that regardless of how you feel you can still choose to act with love and compassion for the benefit of all beings.