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Keep your gratitude on this Holiday season

The Holiday season has officially started and even though one generally feels warm and happy, singing along every holiday song out there (right??), it can also feel stressful and completely overwhelming. Everywhere you look someone is trying to sell you something, telling you every minute of the day that “this one” is the gift you need to give to the special people in your life: a new car, a new phone, a new toy… you name it.

I really love this time of the year: winter is my favorite season; it just feels so cozy to come into a warm place after being out in the cold, sipping hot beverages all day long. But after a while I start to feel attacked by every add trying to sell me everything that is out there, telling me that I will be happier if I get that or that I will be more liked/loved if I gift this to someone!

The truth is we have gotten this holiday thing wrong. And I know you know this, but it is not about getting presents where the most expensive one means that the person who gave it to me probably loves me the most; it is not a competition in which the best (meaning bigger, more expensive, newer, etc) present wins. It is time we start changing the conversation around the holiday season and I know most of us already do it, I am not being innovative about this at all. But we need to put it out there, we need to have this conversation with everyone.

What is the holiday season about? It is about reflecting and finding time and space to be silent for a moment. It is about inquiring: what should I keep? What needs to go? It is about feeling gratitude for what we have today. It is about being compassionate for the ones that don’t have a roof over their heads or shoes on their feet. It is about giving, yes, but not just material goods: smiles, hugs, nice, supporting words, our time as volunteers, food for the ones who have none. It is about remembering the ones that have gone and holding space for our feelings to just be. It is about staying close to the ones we love. It is about listening, really listening… it is about love!! For ourselves, for strangers, for every being on this Earth.

So this holiday season I invite you to continue your thanks-giving and just be grateful for who you are right now, for what you have right now, for the people sharing this life with you right now. Be thankful for all you accomplished this year, as little as that might seem to you, every thing that helps you grow is a big deal! Feel gratitude because you are whole, complete and already perfect. And if you meditate, focus on the light inside of you shining out and touching everyone while wishing the whole word the same happiness you wish for yourself.